Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Favourites 2015 // Fashion, Beauty, Music & More!

Hey Everyone! It's that time of the month again... the end of July! It's crazy how fast this summer has already gone and I hate the feeling that school will be starting for me within in a couple weeks already! :( However on the more positive note I will be sharing with you some of my favourites for the month of July which will include: fashion pieces, beauty essentials, tunes and finally some fitness favourites which I've been loving this month especially!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DIY Hair Lightening Treatment Mask // Lush Dupe

Hey Everyone! Today I will be sharing with you how to re-create one of Lush's famous 'Hair lightening treatment masks' for a lot cheaper and also with more natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients which you will need for this hair mask you will most likely have at home already, with the exception of 1-2 ingredients. I found this DIY on Pinterest, which is one of my favourite sites for inspiration! So without any further re-do, let me show you how to re-create this super easy Hair DIY. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

DIY Acai Bowl Recipe!

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing with you one of my new favourite breakfast being  Acai bowls! If you aren't already familiar with Acai bowls, which have recently blown up everywhere on the internet and pretty much every fitness/health blogger consumes these, then I am here to show them to you. Acai bowls are made from Acai berries which are a widely known superfood and are beneficial for  improved skin appearance, weight loss, and overall health. They are used to create smoothie bowls along with other fruit and serve as a nutritional, healthy breakfast! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Vacation OOTW!♡

Hey Everyone! I recently went on vacation with my family to Portoroz, Slovenia for 2 weeks and decided to show you a week worth of outfits which I wore during this vacation! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Top 10 Travel Destinations!

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 travel destinations of where I've always wanted to travel to, yet haven't gotten the opportunity to do so yet except for Dubai!   I hope this gives you a better idea of some of my top 10 travel destinations, and possibly also ideas for your future vacation planning! 

Phuket, Thailand
Phuket is an island off the coast of Thailand which is warm all year round and their ocean and air temperatures remain quite steady throughout the whole year. The beaches and water in Phuket, Thailand look stunning and they are also so clear! Also the fact that Phuket is a very mountainous island and has many mountain ranges makes it perfect for hiking excursions, exploring, finding hidden caves and more! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

My Braces Experience!

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you briefly about my whole braces experience and how I felt about the whole process of them. I hope this helps out any of you who are possibly getting braces soon and feel anxious/ intimidated about them (:!!

I had very interesting teeth when I was younger since I had a 'cross-bite' which basically meant that my upper and bottom teeth weren't in line. At the age of 8 I received my first retainer which I was meant to wear day & night (but I really only wore it at night). I wore that retainer until I was 10 years old (so 2 years in total). It didn't really change much with my teeth, however it was solely meant to prepare me for the actual braces, which I was meant to receive at the age of 9. I ended up only getting my braces at the age of 13, and this was because I lived in Germany all my life and was meant to get my braces back there, but due to the fact that I moved to Switzerland when I was 9, I obviously couldn't travel back and forth to Germany the whole time for my whole braces process. This is why we switched to another orthodontist as soon as I moved to Switzerland. Unfortunately this meant that I had to basically start over with the whole braces process again.. including with all the preparation. 

Besides my night retainer at the age of 8, I also had a fixed retainer at the top of my mouth  which had to be tightened every morning... kinda painful. This retainer was actually quite useful and improved the condition of my teeth a lot. When I moved to Switzerland we found our new orthodontist and I had to take lots of check-ups in order to see what needs to be done with my teeth. I was meant to only wear my braces for 1 year, but I ended up wearing them from exactly: February 29th 2014- June 26th 2015. So a little over a year. I had to wait until all my teeth fell out and since I lost my first tooth very late, we had to post-pone the dates where I would get my braces on. Another thing which hurt at times were the wires because sometimes they weren't shortened properly and they had little pieces left sticking out which rubbed off on the flesh of my mouth and left me bleeding at times.

Here are some pictures of me when I was still rocking my braces.. not ;)!