Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DIY Hair Lightening Treatment Mask // Lush Dupe

Hey Everyone! Today I will be sharing with you how to re-create one of Lush's famous 'Hair lightening treatment masks' for a lot cheaper and also with more natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients which you will need for this hair mask you will most likely have at home already, with the exception of 1-2 ingredients. I found this DIY on Pinterest, which is one of my favourite sites for inspiration! So without any further re-do, let me show you how to re-create this super easy Hair DIY. 

I will quickly explain what this mask will do to your hair, in case you are unsure what a 'Hair lightening treatment mask' even is! Since it is the summer time, our hair tends to get lighter due to the daily contact with the sun. This hair treatment mask will help to bring out those lighter ends (especially if you have blond hair/light brown hair) and accentuate those lighter ends which you have already gotten from the sun naturally. This mask is also a so much better alternative to getting your hair lightened at the hair dresser because at the hair dresser they apply so many chemicals to your hair which drys it out even more.  


  1.  Assemble all your ingredients.
  2.  Measure out all your ingredients and add them into a bowl
  3. Use a regular spoon to gently combine all ingredients together into a homogenous mixture.
  4.  Add mixture into a cute/sealable jar.
  5.  Use 'Hair Lightening Mask' according to the TIPS below.

Tips when applying this hair treatment mask:

  • After having made the 'Hair lightening mask' directly use it because otherwise the coconut oil melts (which is what happened in my case) and it becomes harder to apply to your hair.
  •  Apply the 'Hair lightening mask' only to the strands of your hair and not to your scalp because it contains a lot of oil and will make your hair really greasy otherwise.
  • Apply the 'Hair lightening mask' before you wash your hair. Gently distribute on all the strands of your hair and leave it in for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Since the 'Hair lightening mask' is so oily, you need to make sure to wash your hair out TWICE with shampoo and conditioner afterwards, because otherwise the oil will rest in your hair and leave it looking greasy.
How my hair looked like BEFORE the mask:

Pc: My sister (she persisted that I'd give her the creds) 

How my hair looked like AFTER the mask: 

I hope you enjoyed finding out how to re-create one of Lush's hair lightening products and also hope that it inspired you to try it out in the future!! 


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