Friday, July 3, 2015

My Braces Experience!

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you briefly about my whole braces experience and how I felt about the whole process of them. I hope this helps out any of you who are possibly getting braces soon and feel anxious/ intimidated about them (:!!

I had very interesting teeth when I was younger since I had a 'cross-bite' which basically meant that my upper and bottom teeth weren't in line. At the age of 8 I received my first retainer which I was meant to wear day & night (but I really only wore it at night). I wore that retainer until I was 10 years old (so 2 years in total). It didn't really change much with my teeth, however it was solely meant to prepare me for the actual braces, which I was meant to receive at the age of 9. I ended up only getting my braces at the age of 13, and this was because I lived in Germany all my life and was meant to get my braces back there, but due to the fact that I moved to Switzerland when I was 9, I obviously couldn't travel back and forth to Germany the whole time for my whole braces process. This is why we switched to another orthodontist as soon as I moved to Switzerland. Unfortunately this meant that I had to basically start over with the whole braces process again.. including with all the preparation. 

Besides my night retainer at the age of 8, I also had a fixed retainer at the top of my mouth  which had to be tightened every morning... kinda painful. This retainer was actually quite useful and improved the condition of my teeth a lot. When I moved to Switzerland we found our new orthodontist and I had to take lots of check-ups in order to see what needs to be done with my teeth. I was meant to only wear my braces for 1 year, but I ended up wearing them from exactly: February 29th 2014- June 26th 2015. So a little over a year. I had to wait until all my teeth fell out and since I lost my first tooth very late, we had to post-pone the dates where I would get my braces on. Another thing which hurt at times were the wires because sometimes they weren't shortened properly and they had little pieces left sticking out which rubbed off on the flesh of my mouth and left me bleeding at times.

Here are some pictures of me when I was still rocking my braces.. not ;)!

Now I will be talking about the whole process of getting my braces on and off. Getting my braces on didn't hurt at all because they just had to glue little stones to my teeth and add wires (which are exchangeable). I must say that my braces actually never hurt and that I can't say that I ever had problems with eating except after I got my braces tightened. I'm a generally a pretty sensitive person, so it was always really painful after they tightened my braces. My dentist would always tighten them a lot after our appointments which were every 4-5 weeks usually. I would often feel nausea or feel like throwing up after I got them tightened, and especially lost my appetite due to the fact that I couldn't eat properly.

 Getting my braces off was a whole another story. I actually got the back part of my braces on the top and bottom taken off first, with having 6 stones left on the top front, and 8 stones on the bottom front. Getting taken out the back braces didn't hurt at all and I didn't feel anything. But when I got my front braces taken off I was really sensitive towards it. Taking the wire out doesn't hurt at all, but when they had to take out the stones which were glued to your teeth I felt quite a lot of pain. However it was so short that it was thankfully over very quickly. 

Overall, I am really happy that I wore braces because even though they don't look very good on, the results afterwards are always worthy the braces. I feel a lot more confident with smiling with my teeth now and as soon as I got my braces off I couldnt stop smiling and feeling my teeth where there was no actual wire there anymore. 

I would really recommend any of you who are contemplating whether to get braces or not to just do it, because the results are really worth it and you'll be so happy that you made your teeth looking 'perfect'. I would also recommend to try to get your braces on as early as possible (middle school is usually the best time) because the earlier you get them, the earlier you can take them off!

Here are some post-brace pictures in case you were wondering how my teeth look like now! :)



  1. Congratulations on developing the appearance of your website! It seems that your followers are so happy with the changes you made. I'm sure that you'll gain more visitors on your website, now that it's looking more sleek. Thanks for sharing that, Sydell! All the best to you!

    Danyell Aleman @ Wool Wich Dental

  2. Hi, Laura! It is definitely liberating to finally have your braces removed, especially when one is anxious enough to know the end result. It’s good to hear that you're done wearing them. I love that you were able to document your journey with braces and photograph them as well to see the development. Take care!

    Maricela Gauthier @

  3. Wow! I thought I had gotten my braces at a young age, I think I was eleven or twelve. I remember the only thing being that they were waiting for my last tooth to come out or my last adult tooth to come in before they could start with the orthodontics. Good to know they can do something to fix the teeth even of the younger and younger.

    Christy Hodges @ Smile Designers

  4. Wow!! Great Results your smile becomes awesome after removing the braces. You also got new look of your face after getting braces off.