Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back To School Lookbook 2015: Different Styles!♡

Hey Everyone! Today I will be showing you 4 different outfit ideas for back to school which are all different styles and suitable for a school which has different dress codes for shorts, dresses and shirts. Back to school season typically starts for everyone in August-September which is why all these outfits are still quite summer-y! :) I hope that you get ideas from these different outfits and let me know in the comments which one was your favourite, or what other posts (back-to-school) you would like me to do in the future! Enjoy! :)

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Outfit #1: 
Laid-back Bohemian

Outfit Details// T-shirt: Pacsun, Boyfriend Jeans: Abercrombie, Shoes: Adidas Super Stars, Necklace: DIY Choker Necklaces & How I wear them!, Bag: Dakine

The first outfit is perfect for any schools with dress codes because this outfit consists of jeans and a t-shirt. However what's perfect about this outfit is that it isn't just a very plain outfit but the destroyed jeans which are slightly rolled up paired with the Adidas shoes (which are currently very in), add their own personal touch. This outfit also looks very bohemian due to the lacy off-shoulder shirt which is perfect for anyone who likes a bohemian style. My school bag is just a very basic denim bag with leather at the bottom which I really like! It's also very spacious which is perfect for school! 

Outfit #2:
Cute yet comfortable

Outfit Details// Tanktop: Pacsun, Shorts: Pacsun, Slip-Ons: Vans

The second outfit is for those people who like to stay very comfortable when it comes to clothes, and I think that these soft flowy shorts and slip-on sneakers are perfect for that! The grey ribbed tanktop really pulls the look together and also goes really well with the color of the shorts and shoes. This outfit is also very dress-code friendly because the shorts are just long enough for school and the tanktop would also work fine if your hair goes over it. If your school is really strict about dress codes you could even put a thin cardigan over this look.

Outfit #3: 

Outfit Details// Dress: American Eagle Outfitters, Bralette: Urban Outfitters, Slip-Ons: Vans

This outfit is perfect for people who like to dress up more on their first day of school as it consists of a dress and a put-together hairstyle. The black bralette really adds a personal touch to this outfit because it is visible through the front of the dress. Since the bralette is black it also ties in really well with the slip-ons. The half-up, half-down bun is a perfect hairstyle for back to school because it keeps your hair out of your face and also in this outfit shows off the bralette from the front. Overall, even though this look is dressier than the others I would still say that it is very comfortable and easy going. 

Outfit #4:
Sporty Casual

Outfit Details// Dress: Tobi, Necklace: DIY Choker Necklaces & How I wear them!, Shoes: Converse

Last, but not least I have this look which is aimed for girls who like to dress sporty, yet casual. The outfit consists of very basic colours and the skater dress and converse give it a very sporty vibe. The choker necklace also adds something extra to this dress, along side with the braided hair. I love these braids for back to school because they look super cute but also keep your hair out of your face and are perfect for hot days. 

I hope you liked these different outfit ideas included with different styles, and don't forget to leave a comment down below which outfit was your favourite and/or what type of post you would like me to do next... (fashion, fitness, diy..) 



  1. My favorite is definitely the sporty casual look... so cute! Love your braids too! <3


  2. Love this outfit on you, the braids look perfect!