Sunday, September 13, 2015

DIY Tumblr Laptop Stickers!

Hey Everyone! Today I will be showing you one of my favourite DIY's which I've done recently and it is these "Tumblr laptop stickers". 

You'll be amazed at how easy and cheap they are to make and once you've made them and stuck them onto your laptop you won't even be able to tell the difference between store bought stickers and your own ones. Another plus about this DIY is that you get to decide completely on your own what images you want to have on your laptop, and you are also not restricted to options as you would be when you purchase stickers in stores or online.

What you will need:
- Inkjet sticker paper (better if it's glossy because the stickers will look nicer, however regular sticker paper works too)
- Different images and logos (chosen from your laptop)
- Coloured inkjet printer
- Scissors

1) Choose which images you want to have as stickers on your laptop and place these images in a word document. I decided to go for a theme with my stickers which ended up being very 'earthy' looking because there was a lot of green and grey tones. 

2) Microsoft Word gives you the option to lay-out all your images landscape which is really useful because it helps you to determine the scale of your different stickers. If you want to find out exactly how large your stickers will appear and display on your laptop you will need to measure across the whole front of your laptop and use those measurements to pick the right landscape format. With this method you can see exactly how big all your stickers will appear on your laptop cover.

3) Re-place regular paper with inkjet sticker paper in your printer and print-out all your chosen images. 

4) Cut-out your stickers and arrange them on your laptop cover to see how you want them to look like.

5) Peel off the sticker labels and stick all your stickers on your laptop cover and Voila! You've made yourself your own, personalised Tumblr laptop cover!

Shoutout to my sister for modelling my laptop stickers // 


I hope you enjoyed learning how to re-create this easy, yet super cute laptop DIY and hopefully it'll give you the opportunity to re-vamp your laptop cover very soon! 

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  1. Oh I don't think I can put stickers on my laptop, I like to have my things looking brand new

    1. That's totally ok, and this DIY was aimed at people who would want to decorate their laptop and this would give them further ideas :P Everyone has their own preferences x

  2. Looking for the DIY to make laptop stickers. This is very helpful.
    Thanks dear :)
    I'm from Malaysia.

    1. I am so glad that this DIY has helped you! Xx Have fun decorating your laptop!!
      Aw that's great to hear that I have readers from all over the world :)

  3. Awesome. I actually did the very same thing, also with Avery sticker paper. I also added a layer of self adhesive clear foil, because I like the gloss (and they're more weather-proof in case you want to stick them on your bicycle on something like that). :)

    1. Thank you so much! Love hearing people re-create my DIY's :) Great idea, thanks for letting us know xx