Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gigi Hadid | Style Steal

Hey Everyone! I'm so sorry for having neglected posting on here for the past couple of weeks, however I've just been lacking inspiration and been stuck in a 'writer's block'. I know that this is in no way an adequate excuse, but I really want to get back on track with posting on here again, and creating some awesome content :)

In today's post, I wanted to create another 'Style Steal' post because I really enjoyed making the first one on the Jenner Sisters. I chose to do this Style Steal on Gigi Hadid because she is one of my favourite celebrities who I look up to, and I'm also a huge fan of her fashion. This is why I decided to feature three looks which she recently wore, and will then show you how I re-create them by also adding my own touch.

Outfit #1

The first outfit which I chose to get inspiration from was one of Gigi Hadid's recent Streetwear. I think Gigi has such a sporty casual style, yet always manages to look amazing in all the outfits she wears. My outfit re-creation could be worn on a day out shopping or walking around in the city. My outfit is also super comfortable and easy going. 

ABERCROMBIE denim jacket | URBAN OUTFITTERS turtleneck tanktop | TOBI maxi skirt | NIKE airforce 1

Outfit #2

The second outfit which I chose to re-create from Gigi Hadid is another one of her streetstyle looks, however this one is a lot more sophisticated than what she typically wears. I fell in love with the combo of her sleek pants paired with a graphic tee, which is what I decided to re-create. In her outfit she is wearing all white/cream, yet I chose to go for an all black look, as my outfit was inspired by Gigi yet shouldn't copy exactly what she is wearing. My outfit is also super casual and features one of my new favourite pants, which are flare pants. They are super trendy right now and can also look really cute! 

URBAN OUTFITTERS adidas t-shirt | CROCKER jeans | VANS black slip-ons 

Outfit #3

The final look which I decided to re-create is definitely the most sophisticated out of the three outfits. I'm in love with the over-sized coat paired with the boyfriend jeans and I just overall love the whole outfit. My recreation of this look is definitely less sophisticated and can be worn out on a daily basis, since I chose to pair my look with chelsea boots instead of high heels. This is because I first of all don't own any high heels, and second of all preferred the look of chelsea boots as it is something which can be worn on a daily basis and sought inspiration from.

BIK BOK cross-over sweater | ABERCROMBIE boyfriend jeans | NAVYBOOT chelsea boots | URBAN OUTFITTERS over-sized coat 

I hope that you enjoyed my Gigi Hadid Style Steal post, as she is one of my favourite celebrities out there and I'm also obsessed with her style. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like these in the future in the comments, and check out my previous Style Steal post on the Jenner Sisters here: The Jenner Sisters Style Steal . I am also planning on posting a lot more frequently now, as I realise that I haven't blogged in a long time and I want to make those posts up to you guys!! 


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