Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Copenhagen Shopping Guide!

Hey Everyone!
If you haven't already read my last post then you would know that I was in Copenhagen a while ago. I loved everything about the city so much that I wanted to write up another guide- this time a shopping guide. I think everyone in Scandinavia is very fashion forward and especially in Copenhagen I could tell that everyone really puts effort into their clothing and they dress very unique. For a shopping lover like myself Copenhagen was the perfect city and has so many different great shops!

Some of my favourites included:

Illum is one of Copenhagen's biggest department stores. They sell lots of different brands ranging from more luxurious brands to more affordable ones. Here you can find all international designers and brands. They also offer beauty products and home decor, as well as some very tasty restaurants/cafés on their rooftop. 

Zadig & Voltaire
This brand is originally French but very popular in Scandinavia selling things from bags to accessories. Their style is more sophisticated but has a rocker chic vibe. Zadig & Voltaire is also pricely quite affordable whilst still being a 'designer' brand. 

Stella McCartney
Famous for her vegan handbags you will land in bag heaven here. You can try on many of their different sizes and colors. My friend actually bought a Stella Mccartney bag here and I've always wanted to get one too but I decided to wait instead. 

Isabel Marant
This brand is also French and has a more sophisticated yet still rocker vibe. I actually purchased one of their famous sneakers here. 

Samsoe & Samsoe
Really cool and super affordable streetwear! They also have really unique style.

Love Child
The style is quite different here and I definitely think it reflects Danish style very well. It is definitely worth seeing!

This store mixes high fashion with street style and is also very cool!

& other Stories
This store actually belongs to H&M yet has a bit of a different concept. They sell slightly higher-priced products than H&M and have a really good selection of trendy jewellery. 

This store sells affordable streetwear and always has the latest trends!

Urban outfitters
This store also sells affordable streetwear and their clothes have a more 'hipster' style. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and enjoy shopping in Copenhagen if you decide to travel there!


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